KVP Inc is a private equity and real estate development firm headquartered in Greenville, SC.

KVP’s CEO Krish Patel and his team believe in the principles of entrepreneurship, and they work strategically with people on professional development. KVP Inc. is looking to evolve as a small private equity company to inject capital and talent into small businesses so entrepreneurs can continue to grow.

KVP Inc. has focused on diversification in the Real Estate Development industry, ranging from retail operations, self-storage, and offices. The company’s portfolio comprises Fortune 100 company brands such as Verizon Wireless retail stores, mixed office space, yoga studios, fitness gyms, fast casual dining, self-storage, and its first multi-family project in downtown Greenville.

As the company’s team looks forward and grows as a real estate development firm, they want to keep the community feeling as a developer to create a legacy for themselves and the entrepreneurs operating in their spaces.